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Amazon +10 Initiative creates a database with potential projects for the Expeditions call

As a means of facilitating interaction between researchers from the Legal Amazon region and researchers from other states and countries, the initiative conducts an interest mapping for the call

The aim of constructing this database is to map the interest among researchers affiliated with Scientific and Technological Institutions located in the Legal Amazon, to submit or participate in research project proposals for the CNPQ/CONFAP Announcement No. 34/2023 - Scientific Expeditions Call - Amazon +10 Initiative.

This call, published on November 16, 2023, will support the organization of scientific expeditions, with a maximum duration of 36 months, expanding knowledge about local sociobiodiversity.

Currently, the announcement has a total fund of approximately R$ 95 million in resources, with R$ 30 million made available by CNPq, R$ 29.2 million by the 19 state Research Support Foundations involved in the announcement, in addition to foreign contributions of €30,000 from BAYLAT, £5 million (with £4 million provided by UKRI and £1 million by the British Council), and 1 million Swiss francs from SNSF.

Proposals should focus on multidisciplinary scientific expeditions in the Amazon region for a period of up to 36 months, and the minimum value of each selected project will be R$400,000 - with no maximum limit.

Each proposal must have Responsible Researchers from at least two states of the Research Support Foundations that have adhered to this call, with one of them being mandatory affiliated with higher education and/or research institutions based in the Legal Amazon states. Participation of researchers affiliated with institutions from more states, both from the Legal Amazon and other states that have joined the call, as well as foreign researchers, is encouraged.

Considering the nature of the projects that the call aims to support - in terms of resource volume, collaborative effort, and interest in preserving collections in institutions based in the Legal Amazon - the objective of creating this database is to map potential projects that will be submitted by institutions from the Legal Amazon to support the establishment of partnerships among themselves, with researchers from other states and international institutions.

The first version of the Database was built from the submission of the form to STIs headquartered in the Legal Amazon:

Database_ Researchers and Institutions Survey - Survey Responses
Download PDF • 75KB

Database_ Researchers and Institutions Survey - Institutions of Interest
Download PDF • 56KB


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