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Photo: Torre Atto

of support

Aid for infrastructure, talent attraction, research projects and partnerships with companies are some of the modalities of Amazônia+10

Modalities of support


The support modalities mentioned below must be observed in the Multilateral Agreements and serve as an indication for Institutional Partnerships and Donations:


Infrastructure: support for ICT research infrastructure in the Amazon region.

Talent attraction: scholarships for young researchers and postdoctoral fellows for fixing 
in ICTs in the North region. 

Research project:short and medium term research aid. 

Partnerships with Companies: collaborative research projects between ICTs and companies, including 
startups, on topics aligned with general objectives.

Startups:support for small innovative companies on topics aligned with general objectives.

Organization of scientific and/or technological events:assistance for holding events related to topics of interest to the Amazon and focusing on objectives. 

Intellectual Property Support:aid to strengthen the culture of Intellectual Property in higher education and research institutions, public or private, based in the Amazon Region, through support for researchers to file patent applications.

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